Join the [Write-A-Thon]( the week of April 23rd!
Join the [Write-A-Thon]( the week of April 23rd!
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Peter Markus

Peter Markus Senior Writer What I found, in teaching this workshop, is that poetry is something that matters, that helps us make sense, that gives us the permission to say what we might not otherwise say. Senior Writer Peter Markus has worked with youth [...]


“To feel that somebody enjoys reading and getting inspired by the things that I made is awesome. I feel like an author now.” 10-year-old Yareli, a student in our Writer-in-Residence program, recently saw her own writing on a billboard in Corktown as part of [...]

Suzanne Honda

Suzanne Honda Writer-in-Residence One of my writers said, 'This sets my whole week up right.' That became our mantra, our through line. It was the participants’ commitment to showing up, the generous trust they put in me, and the kindness they showed to one [...]

Thriving Together: InsideOut and the Detroit Zoo

Thriving Together: InsideOut and the Detroit Zoo Thriving Together is a three-year-long environmental justice and creative writing program led by the Detroit Zoological Society and InsideOut Literary Arts. In the summer of 2020, we quickly transitioned the program online after stay-at-home orders were enacted. “While students would normally [...]