Join the [Write-A-Thon]( the week of April 23rd!
Join the [Write-A-Thon]( the week of April 23rd!
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Citywide Poets

Cassidy Howard

“Poets look at the world in a completely different way than anybody else ever looks at the world, and I believe everybody should look at the world like a poet does.”  As a high school student, Cassidy Howard experienced InsideOut front multiple angles. A [...]

Mahogany Jones

Mahogany Jones Writer-in-Residence  Even before COVID-19, the spaces that InsideOut and Citywide Poets carves out of time are magical. With our experiences and creativity we get to shape alternate worlds where we are beautiful and powerful and unashamed and far from average. Recording and [...]

Benjamin Turner

Benjamin Turner Writer-in-Residence "I was equally concerned with guiding them professionally in writing, as I was concerned with giving them the space to be their own professional guides. Then, by calling attention to that budding skill set, I feel like we were able to pinpoint and excavate [...]