Peter Markus

Peter Markus Senior Writer What I found, in teaching this workshop, is that poetry is something that matters, that helps us make sense, that gives us the permission to say what we might not otherwise say. Senior Writer Peter Markus has worked with youth [...]

Suzanne Honda

Suzanne Honda Writer-in-Residence One of my writers said, 'This sets my whole week up right.' That became our mantra, our through line. It was the participants’ commitment to showing up, the generous trust they put in me, and the kindness they showed to one [...]

Mahogany Jones

Mahogany Jones Writer-in-Residence  Even before COVID-19, the spaces that InsideOut and Citywide Poets carves out of time are magical. With our experiences and creativity we get to shape alternate worlds where we are beautiful and powerful and unashamed and far from average. Recording and [...]

Jassmine Parks

Jassmine Parks Writer-in-Residence "BookUp is not simply a reading group. BookUp is the emotional process of bridging students to books, to each other, to the world around them and to themselves." Writer-in-Residence Jassmine Parks led middle school students through many stories this year. A [...]

Kyle Hunt

Kyle Hunt Writer-in-Residence “The [InsideOut] program not only opened them up creatively, giving them the freedom and permission to be ‘weird,’ but I also think our time together relaxed them a bit. I saw improvement in the way they treated each other.”     [...]