Take Refuge: Learning Anaphora (Video)

With Senior Writer Peter Markus, students will learn to recognize and use anaphora while finding beauty in the broken and run-down. This lesson utilizes the model poem “Refuge” by Robert Fanning. Watch the lesson below! View, download, and print the lesson here.

You Belong Nowhere But To Yourself: Safe Spaces (Video)

Using the theme of home, students will be able to demonstrate how to make effective choices in their own writing based on a series of prewriting exercises & close reading. Watch the lesson, including a reading of “Group Home Before Miss. Edna’s House” by Jacqueline [...]

Black Excellence Sounds Like: Figurative Language (Video)

With Writer-in-Residence Jassmine Parks, students will explore strategies employed by the black power movement and utilize similes/metaphors and imagery to construct a poem. Students will read and analyze the poem “Marcus Garvey Sits For A Bust” by Marilyn Nelson. Watch the lesson below! View, download, [...]