Write a HAIKU about the way your favorite song makes you feel. (Definition: A haiku is a short poem with a 5-7-5 line structure: Line 1: Five Syllables. Line 2: Seven Syllables. Line 3: Five Syllables).

Write a response to a song you know well.

Listen to the trees outside of our window. What do they say to you?

In as much detail as possible, write about the sounds you hear that tell you someone is playing your favorite song.

Write about what your favorite color sounds like?

You’re anxious or panicked and all you have are your headphones and a music streamer (Spotify, TIDAL, iTunes, etc.). Write about the most comforting sound you can find.

What is one of your least favorite sounds? Write about being locked in a prison of that sound.

Write about what makes something or someone sound familiar.

Write about the noises in your city or inside your home.

Write about the voice you’d like to introduce you at an important event (wedding, graduation, birthday, etc.). Living, dead, or imagined, who owns this voice? What does this voice sound like?